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If you already have a website, then you will likely have some knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) and the importance it plays in ensuring your website is shown in the free, organic search results of search engines such as Google.  In order to correctly optimise your website so that it is displayed in the organic search results, you must ensure that the pages on your site are optimised with the most relevant keywords.


What are keywords?

Keywords are the words that your users are most likely going to type into a search engine in order to find your website. For example, if your website is for luxury car hire, your keyword might be ‘luxury car hire’ or ‘car hire, luxury’.  For your website to be displayed in the organic search results of a search engine, these keywords should be noted throughout the website structure and pages, along with other pages such as article and blog pages.  The keywords must show in unique text (i.e. not content taken from another website).


Why is it important to research your keywords?

Selecting keywords that aren’t relevant, appropriate or definitive enough may mean that you don’t attract the correct audience to your website which dramatically impacts upon the number of website visitors that are transformed into customers.  Before you start optimising your website you need to consider which keywords are most relevant to your website with thought to your target audience and any influence this may have, thorough keyword research is essential.


What is keyword research?

The process of keyword research involves examining words and phrases and determining which will most likely be typed into search engines by target users who want to find your website, and which words/phrases are most relevant to your website.  Initially a number of keyword lists will be made and researched, including a list linked to the overall purpose of the website and individual lists linked to various pages, services, goods, etc.


When should I start keyword research?

As soon as possible, until you know which keywords you need to include into the content of your website you cannot create content and optimise your website so that it appears in the organic results of search engines such as Google.  Furthermore, if your keywords are considered competitive, you will need to ensure you provide additional pages of content including these keywords to improve your ranking on the organic search results (i.e. to get your website shown on the first pages of search engine results).


What are the benefits of keyword research?

If correctly optimised using the most relevant keyword(s), your website will begin to appear in the organic, free, section of popular search engines. This has the advantage of displaying your website to a wider audience and for free, the alternative is to use paid advertising, such as Google Adwords, to ensure your website is shown in the search engine results, this can become quite costly, especially for a smaller website with limited funding.  Ensuring your website content includes the most significant keywords allows you to reduce the amount you spend on advertising, and allow more users to be directed to your site for free.


How can I check the impact keyword research has?

Here are some ways that you can check how effective your chosen keywords are:

  • Look at the number of visitors that you have been directed to your site from organic search results.
  • See how many visitors are being transformed into customers or users of your website/company.
  • See where your website ranks in the organic search results (i.e. on what page)



Keyword Research Services

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