Mobile Marketing Solutions

Internet Marketing Services MOBILE MARKETING SOLUTIONSWith the rising popularity of mobile usage, we are observing the rapid development of a mobile platform for business and marketing. According to an independent study, mobile usage will surpass the desktop usage within 2013. This means more and more people will be using their mobile phones to access internet, look for information, shop online and also interact with others through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Such phenomenon has shifted the focus of the CEOs and marketers from conventional marketing solutions to Mobile Marketing Solutions that hold promising result in return of less investment. However, it is really unfortunate that almost 90% of the websites are not compatible support mobile access or mobile optimized. This is where we come in the picture with our innovative and cost effective mobile solutions for all kinds of businesses.

What is Mobile Marketing Solution?

The phenomenon of mobile marketing solution refers to any marketing initiative or services through mobile devices. This is one of the newest additions in the genre of marketing. The marketing gurus define it as the use of mobile media as a means of marketing communication i.e. any promotional or advertising messages conveyed to customers. However, this is a multi-dimensional facet that involves different technologies, strategies and theme. Hence, mobile marketing solutions are best described as personalized and time & location sensitive service or information that drives customer engagement and sales.

What is included in our mobile marketing solutions?

Our mobile marketing solutions include a wide range of services and interventions on mobile media that includes but not limits to SMS marketing, MMS marketing, Push Pull Notification, In-game mobile advertisement, Mobile web marketing, QR codes, Quizzes, Contents and many more. Depending on the need and theme, we can provide any or all of these solutions to be used for a specific campaign which can be either standardized or tailored for the client.

The supremacy of mobile marketing solutions

Compared to other marketing solutions, our mobile marketing solutions are more focused, cost effective and able to drive customer engagement. Compared to other media, mobile platform has a wider audience. As everyone has a mobile phone now a day and the Smartphone’s are also getting cheaper, it is certain that everyone will be easily brought under the umbrella of mobile marketing very shortly. Hence, it will be a dominant platform for promoting any kind of products or services. Above that, it has better segmentation and able to bring in more result in return of less effort. While the consumers are on the move, it is also the perfect time for the businesses to go mobile with their marketing campaign as well. So don’t wait anymore and act right now. Give us call now and let us help you in expanding your business with our mobile marketing solutions.

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