Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Search Engine Optimisation SEOSEO, short for search engine optimisation, is the art of improving the ranking of your website in search engine results, such as Google. The process of optimising your website for search engine involves a mixture of modifying key elements and using external resources amongst many other things. In short, the process makes your website more visible and rank more highly in search engines, by using the guidelines the search engines provide to enhance your website. As more people are turning to search engines whenever they have a query, it is essential that your business has a successful website that is visible to as much of your target audience as possible.

Unfortunately optimising a website for search engines is not a process most people are familiar with, which where our expert knowledge and experience proves to be invaluable. Our team of consultants  have the skills and level of understanding required to make your website, and ultimately your business, a global success.

Onsite Optimisation Services

Our onsite optimisation services will make sure search engines can read your website properly so that it ranks well. We insert your most important keywords in the areas that search engines ‘look at’ first when they crawl your website. Those areas include the title tag, H2 thru H6 tags, picture alt tags and URLs.

We also make sure your keywords are sprinkled perfectly throughout your web page’s content so search engines will put more weight on those pages and naturally rank them above the competition’s pages.

Offsite Optimisation Services

We offer a broad range of offsite optimisation services most of which fall under the ‘Link Building’ category. Proper offsite optimisation is indistinguishable from a professionally written and published press release or a video marketing campaign that provides back links and increases brand awareness at the same time.

Most industry professionals consider offsite optimisation to be the hardest to accomplish simply because the primary goal is to publish content on other websites to acquire back links. Our decades of experience in SEO have allowed us to streamline our offsite services which is why we offer best internet marketing solutions in the industry.

Link Building

Keyword Research

Local SEO

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fundamental part of online marketing. Consumers use keywords to search for products and services every minute of every day. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to target keywords that are relevant to your business and create content centered on those keywords.

Keyword research can also be considered market research because you’ll discover what people are searching for online and you’ll learn how many times they use those terms. Imagine knowing that every day 30,000 people search the Internet using a particular term.

That information is invaluable and we bring it to all our customers as part of our keyword research services. We use only the best and most accurate keyword research tools available to generate a list of keywords we then target on your behalf.

61% of global Internet users research products online

Link Building Services

Our link building service is tied in with our keyword research. After we determine which keywords we’re going to use, we begin a link building campaign to get your website to rank well in the search engines. Our goal is to get your website in the first position in the search engine results pages so you get most of the web traffic that pertains to that particular keyword.

We only perform white-hat, webmaster-to-webmaster, manual link building services for our clients. This approach ensures your website will rise to the top of the search engines naturally. We actually do the hard work of building SEO back links on relevant, high quality sites that can make a staggering difference in the search engines.


51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a mobile optimized website

Local SEO

We offer local SEO services for our brick-n-mortar clients to increase foot traffic in their store. Our local SEO services include creating a Google Places account for your business so that consumers can find it when they perform a local search.

Research shows that more and more consumers are using smartphones and tablets to surf the Internet for products and services, and most of the search engine results for those searches pertain to local businesses.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the art of targeting your website towards your local market, this is essential for online businesses providing local services or goods that can only be collected, for example. Local SEO optimisation ensures your website appears to people searching locally by making your website appear on local directories and utilising things like Google Maps.


20% of the searches made on Google are for local information

We’ll perform a website audit and write a plan of action that will help your website perform better in the search engine results pages.