Inbound Marketing & Content Creation

Inbound Marketing and Content CreationRather than emailing potential customers or using strategies such as cold calling, inbound marketing instead attracts the customers who are actively looking for your goods or services. Then it helps you to build a rapport with your visitors, all the time educating them about your products and services, eventually turning them into paying customers.

Inbound marketing is the marketing of products or services using web facilities or search engines. Another name for inbound marketing is content marketing. Inbound marketing is a very modern concept of marketing and it follows a process to have successful sales growth. Its steps are: attracting customers, converting customers to leads, then converting leads to sales, then making the existing customers a repeat customer or attracting more customers through existing customers and lastly analyzing the content provided for further development. The main media used for inbound marketing are : e-mails, social networks, comments, forums, online videos, social bookmarking, shared documents, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Effective inbound marketing is reliant on content creation. Content creation is the process of writing content for your website that is completely unique, relevant to your company and SEO optimised. With effective content on your site you will rank more highly on search engine results, meaning your website gets shown to more people searching for your goods or services. You will be able to develop your brand and explain your company and what you have to offer, while all the time building a rapport with your visitors. And with regular content you can ensure regularly returning visitors to your site.

With quality inbound marketing strategy and targeted content, your chances of getting noticed by the people and search engines rise up. However, your website content need to be carefully and strategically developed which can highlight your strengths and relate to your audience. This where, we come in the picture with our expertise and creativity in content creation. At Complete IMS – Internet Marketing Services we have a dynamic team of writers, copywriters, bloggers who can create tailored and quality contents for your business. We have been writing for different websites and businesses for a long time and already made a huge buzz with our original and superior quality writings.

For your content creation to be successful you will need to include not only well-written content and articles including keywords for SEO optimisation but also likable and sharable images and videos, that are entertaining, informative and relevant to your company. The content on your site can then be distributed through a variety of inbound marketing channels, such as social media websites which are an excellent short-term method, and SEO and email marketing, amongst others, as long-term approaches.

  • Companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads 97% 97%
  • Articles with images get 94% more views 94% 94%
  • Content creation is ranked the single most effective SEO technique by 53% 53% 53%

Attract Visitors

Generate Leads

Convert to Customers

Measure Results

What makes us different…

What makes us different from others is our dedication and expertise on developing contents which are informative, engaging, relevant, and easy to understand. Instead of filling up your website with fluff and irrelevant contents, we try to hook your audience with contents which they are actually looking for. This why, we go through your SEO needs, find out optimum SEO solutions, and create contents which connect with your audience even before we take your assignment. Our contents are developed with only three objectives in mind:


1. Attract new audience,


2. Engage existing audience and


3. Convert them into leads or buying customers.

Social Media Marketing

One of the fastest way to spread information is through Social Media Marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and more. Social media marketing increases marketing utility manifold through a perfect blend of social interactions and technology usage.

Why is it an absolute necessity for companies to do social media marketing? Because of the following reasons :

The company can have direct response from customers and do strong branding with meaningful information.

The young generation people are the greatest in number and are technology loving. They are easily attracted through social media marketing.

Increased interaction with customers is liked by the customers themselves. They like the personalized comments and responses.


Powerful traffic to your website is achieved by interacting with customers through Social Media Marketing

Prompt response to customer feedback will make a rich referential database for the industry.

The company will easily discover new/potential customer’s preferences and enhance product or service utility


43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it on social media

Social media marketing in these days have gained immense popularity in the sense that the total process of marketing has become customer-centred. The customers are getting all the preferences and attention.