Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Internet Marketing AnalyticsHow will you ever know how much of a success your business is if you don’t monitor it closely? More importantly, how will you know where you can make improvements and make your business more successful if you don’t know where it is failing? Website analytics gives you a variety of statistics about your site, from how many visitors you are getting, to which country and city they are from, to the pages they viewed on your website, and even what device they accessed your site from, i.e. a desktop, mobile phone etc.

First and foremost you will need to set-up analytics on your website, so that it can start to gather data. Then you will need to review the data it collects, and analyse the performance of your website on the basis of this. From this you will see where you can improve upon your websites performance and conversion rates.

Analytics may seem a little overwhelming and confusing, especially if this is the first website you are developing, which is why at Complete IMS we do all of this for you. We install analytics onto your site and get it all up and running, and we analyse the data to consider how improvements can be made to your site. We will communicate our findings back to you and give you action points that we think would improve the performance of your website. Remember, if your website is not successful than the likelihood is your business won’t be either. Even if you have designed your own website you will most likely have spent time and money to do so, all of which could go to waste if you don’t monitor its performance and continually make improvements.

Website Visits

Geographic Location

Time Spent on your Website

Benefits to using Analytics

  • Analyse traffic: find out where your visitors are coming from, whether they are being referred by other sites, finding your site on organic search results or via paid advertising, and see how many are coming to your website directly.
  • Analyse keywords: you can see which keywords are being searched most allowing you to boost traffic from certain keywords.
  • Page popularity: see which pages are your most popular and viewed.
  • View bounce rates: to see how many people viewing your site and leaving straight away, and how many are actually viewing your site.
  • See traffic flow: see how visitors move through your website by tracing the pages they view and then go onto.
  • View historical data: to ensure your website is gaining in popularity and see any trends.
  • It is free, there is absolutely no charge to access the analytics to your website.